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Tech Inquiry

Over the term I have been thinking about blogging more than I have … well ever. I have never had a blog and had always thought it would be kind of cool to start one, but never actually went ahead with it. In addition to actually creating my own blog, this term I have been researching blogging, how it is used, and how it can be helpful in an educational setting.

Since the purpose of my tech inquiry for this course was to find out more about blogging, I thought it was pretty fitting that this tech course is what intoruduced me to the process of creating a blog and keeping up with it. I also find it pretty fitting that throughout my entire elementary education experience, teacher blogs and educational blogs have been thrown onto my safari reading list and my bookmarks page like they are going out of style. I have never had so many blogs that I have put onto my ‘read this in your spare time’ mental list. One of the links that I have stumbled upon during this tech inquiry process is …

A site about the top 10 educational blogs… and get this: I have already come across a few of them over the past few months during my elementary ed journey! Of couse, about 7 of the 10 I hadn’t come across just yet, and they were all worth a read. But the biggest thing for me was that there even was a top 10 list of educational tech blogs.. I find it so cool! There is so much to learn and so many blogs have the info!

I visited a few of the blogs on this list and the first one I explored was

Lisa Nielsen goes through new aspects of technology that are now a big part of education. One post that she made was called ‘Innovative Educators Don’t Take Calls. They Text.” This was an interesting read, because I have grown up with texting and still see it as very informal and would never assume that it is the proper way to connect with people in a more formal way. However, the points that Lisa makes were convincing and made me start to think about texting in a formal setting a little bit differently.

I also really liked this blog on the list:

I loved that this was was all about reading! I really would love to be a teacher librarian one day (my love for books and reading is out of this world). There were lots of great posts, including ones about colouring book short stories, reading promotions such as ‘Reccomend a book you love’ where students would write about a book they loved on a sticky note and leave it in this corner as a way to display their book reccommendations. This is such a great idea! It not only promotes book discussions and sharing ideas, but it also leaves a great list of great books that other students can look to when choosing a book to read feels a bit daunting.

Check out these blogs.. they are worth it!


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