Sketchnoting and Twine!


Today in class we were introduced to sketchnoting and Twine by Rich McCue.

Sketchnoting is a way to take notes that includes sketching visuals that go along with the notes and information one is recording. At first I recognized this method of note taking as bullet journaling, which I have read a lot about and looked at endless images of interesting and very very organized lists and journal entries. Rich notes that visual note taking (sketchnoting) increases ones ability to remember what they have written. This makes sense to me because visualization seems to have a direct correlation with making connections to the material, making it easier to recall in the future. I really like this way of note taking and would like to start practicing. It would be great for it to become a habit and have it be my go-to way of note taking. However, one thing that I was thinking about while Rich was talking was the speed of my sketchnoting and how much I would miss from the speaker while I am attending to the sketching portion of the notes or making it look nice. Rich noted that one way to battle this is to make a very rough outline sketch while you are listening and then go back and fill in the details later. This would help for sure, but I still feel like I could miss valuable information. Rich did mention that this is a great way to learn how to summarize efficiently, and only record the most valuable information. I find that I do tend to take too many notes when I am typing and often just type exactly what I hear, rather than just taking down the most important parts. I am super excited to start trying sketchnoting in the future and think it would make taking notes a lot more fun and useful!

picture taken from Rich’s ‘Intro to Sketchnoting: doodle your way to better grades!” lecture notes

The next thing that we got to do in class was use Twine to create interactive, nonlinear stories. This was so cool! It was like a ‘choose your own path’ comic book, but an online story. The story I created wasn’t very detailed, but I could see myself spending hours on this site playing around with different stories, paths and possibilities. It reminded me a lot of the movie that was recently released on netflix, that was an interactive film called ‘Bandersnatch’ wherein you got to choose what the characters in the movie did. I thought it was a super cool concept, but I found the movie watching process and having to choose what came next a bit overwhelming. It was neat to being with, but I am someone who always wants movies to have a happy ending… and none of the options were getting me there! It is an interesting concept though, as it is as if there are multiple stories in one and you could watch the movie over and over and have different things happen. I will be sure to play around with Twine later on, and it would be great to use with students too as a literacy and tech activity!


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