Everyone will need a pep talk…

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This morning I am heading out for a run and I am ready for it. Although, im still feeling that pull of ‘you dont have to, dont do it, its fine, stay home’ and im fighting it pretty hard. I know that there are so many motivational blogs, youtube videos, podcasts out there so I took little a poke around and was pretty happy with what I found. Because I had mentioned some blogs that helped me in one of my previous posts, I thought I would take a moment to appriciate some videos that I have watched that were pretty inspirational.

First off was this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCkyPwyyV_I

This was a short video at only 2 minutes, but a pretty great watch. There is no speaking, but a pretty great soundtrack and shows runners in a variety of settings … these settings all beautiful and gives me all the feels. I would recommend giving it a watch, especially since it wont eat up much of your day. I also appriciate the message it gets accross without the typical motivational speech that would normally go with a video like this one. It is up for interpretation rather than a voice in the background telling you to push a little farther.

Second: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5umbf4ps0GQ

This video is a little bit longer, but still under 10 minutes and easy to watch. Unlike the previous video, this video is less motivational (even though it still very much is) and more tips and tricks for beginnger runners. To begin she notes the gear that all beginner runners should have, moves to what is best to eat in the morning (for her…this will vary depending on the person), and then moves to what apps she found the most helpful. The apps that she notes are Runtastic, which tracks your runs in all aspects (kilometers, maps out your run, tracks how many calories you have burned, tracks your pace etc); Couch to 5K which is an app that is for running first timers that guides you through a running-walking-running routine; and lastly Zombies, Run!, which is almost like a game that takes you through a zombie apolocypse and you are actually running away from them… which sounds insane-fun-hilarious. I resignated with all three of these aspects of running, which meant it felt pretty good to hear that someone else has had the same trouble that I have. In this video, it is also noted that for beginner runners, pace is so important. Often beginners start too fast and push themselves too hard, and ultimately end up feeling frustrated and unmotivated to try again. I have felt this. She suggests to new runners to focus on distance rather than speed. This was a beneficial watch! It was a much more motivational for me than the videos that show people who are marathon runners, because sometimes I feel like I will never get there… as im sure other people have felt aswell!

I also watched this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wm7OtVr7yCE

Here we have Michelle, who is training for a marathon but she begins as a never-before-runner and it was pretty interesting to watch. It was interesting to see the transformation, but for me these types of videos arent as motivational because my mind immediatley goes to ‘I will ever do that’… my goal right now isnt to run a marathon. It is to start LIKING to run. So that is that. But it is still a great video.

Definitely go watch these videos… they are worth it!


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