Run awa​​y… seriously, RUN.

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The last blog post I did about running was about my current struggle with getting back into my groove that I was so perfectly in not that long ago. It is still super difficult but I have gone on two runs this past week and they went pretty well. However, I think that the hardest part is the shift in my mindset. The beginning of January was pure too-much-of-a-good-thing post Christmas meals, movies, and pure and utter couch potato-ing and I was super over it/ very much ready for a lot more activity in my life. Because of this running was exciting and the fact that I stuck to it meant that for the first time ever I started to feel a difference in my abilities and benefits that it was providing.

After the my activity lull I slipped pretty easily into ‘too busy’ to get out there. I am still a slightly in that mind set but I can feel my run-no-matter-what self start to resurface, and last week I have gone on three runs. A friend of mine was staying with us and we ran to the ocean together, which was great. She is super fit fitness lady and had a little more stamina that I did (telling myself its ok because I will get there) and the sun was shining and we chatted and it was wonderful. The next two runs were a little more difficult to fit into my week, with so much homework to do and so much house maintanence to catch up on after a weekend full of fun, these runs felt rushed. They were the last thing on my mind and I made myself fall into them. Regardless, they always end up being worth it.

A co-worker and I were talking the other day about exercise. He bikes everywhere, and I am pretty not interested in ever being cold. I asked him if he gets cold while biking, because I am always amazed at people who do things in the winter with a thin shirt on because I would be freezing and uncomfortable and most likely very grumpy (most likely i.e. most definitely). He, of course, said yes he gets very cold and the beginning of the bike ride is always the worst, but that when he gets home after he feels so great and that it is nice that he gets a good amount of exercise daily by biking instead of driving. I could relate! The best part (for me) of a run is the last little leg of it, where your body is tired and your mind is clear and the air is crisp against your hot skin and a warm shower is near. I guess whenever I am choosing between to run or not to run I should keep this last little magical leg in mind.

… or I could just eat doughnuts.


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