Jesse Miller Guest Speaker


A couple of classes ago we had a guest speaker come to our class. He discussed the use of technology in classrooms and how people use technology in their lives. Jesse Miller is from Mediated Reality ( and his presentation left me a little jaw-dropped. Overall it felt as though his main point was to be aware of what you put online, take picutres of, and share with others because the world wide web is often alot ‘wider’ (and wilder) than we take into account.

I found the presentation to be helpful for raising awareness, but it also scared me a little bit. Which maybe was the point! I left feeling a bit more vulnerable and a little more unreasonably guilty than I would have liked. I tend to over-analyze and this presentation turned the over-analyzing switch on pretty quickly. I turned to facebook and changed my privacy settings and a few other details and still felt a little left out in the open. In the past I have never posted any content that I wouldn’t feel comfortable with other people seeing, but regardless I wonder about peoples perspectives. As Jesse explained, people will look at your personal profiles and make assumptions about you; the more information you give them the more assumptions they will make! Of course I am aware of this, but having him lay it out the way he did definitely had me a bit nervous about what it actually is that people would be assuming about me based on my social media, regardless of its fairly basic content.

Jesse did make a few good points about how social media can be used to help students, but must be used in a very careful way. Jesse also kept telling us all that they have to teach common sense to alot of people. This is hard to hear. There are things that people should just know, but do not and it results in people who misuse the internet. Something that could be a useful tool in all aspects has its limits and downfalls because people misuse it. It is hard to hear about people making big mistakes and thinking nothing of it.

Overall, Jesse’s presentation left us all with alot of questions and it was obvious that we were all thinking alot about our online presence and how we use the internet. How can we change? What do we need to do to make sure we all use the internet properly?

Hopefully we can all be a little bit better, learn to be a little bit safer, and most importantly, teach our littles how to be safe on the internet.

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