Fit Bit Fantasy

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I have never wanted a fit bit… I don’t wear a watch and I didn’t ever think I would feel the need to track every step that I took. I was wrong. Another run done this weekend but for the first time in a long time, I took my phone with me. Since this project is supposed to be about integrating technology into something I am passionate about, my phone is really my only hope as it is the only technology I have to track my location/steps/run time/distance and/or connect any physical activity I do to the apps that I have started testing out. The problem: I hate taking my phone with me while I run. It gets in the way, I want to be free! Now, I can’t say that I have tried every solution because I haven’t. I could try an armband, or getting those leggings with the side pocket, but I have a feeling I will still feel the extra weight of it regardless of where it is stored.

After a couple of years with a few people I know getting and wearing fit bits, and me being not the least bit interested … here I am. Researching fitbits and other tech watches/wrist gadgets that can do the unthinkable. I WANT ONE. I will let you know how the search for the perfect run companion goes…

off I go!

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