An Uphill Battle…

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On Thursday I hadn’t yet run at all this week, which in any other ‘I will start running and be amazing’ episode of my life would be the sad beginning of this run phase fizzle. BUT this time my goal started out a little differently than usual; this time my goal wasn’t just to run, but to fill in any running gaps within my week with something else that I enjoy. By doing this I am finding it easier to avoid that all very encompassing headspace of shame and guilt when a run is missed due to forgetfulness, busyness, or when the couch has held me captive (aka laziness). So this week hasn’t fit as perfectly into my run schedule expectations but has been just as satisfying and the ShameGuilt hasn’t hit yet *crowd cheers*

If any of you are looking for a way to get and stay (keyword in my case) active I highly suggest this “Do What You Can When You Can” method that I am holding myself to. Ultimately, as long as you do something – which can be absolutely anything – you will succeed.

So far this week: Sunday was a run day, Monday was a kettlebell ball, Tuesday was a write-off (Bachelor Mondays turned Bachelor Tuesdays and an entire evening in PJs with homework out/untouched *oops*), Wednesday was wonderfully filled with sunshine and a happy hike, Thursday was a Not Feeling Great Lets Run It Off, and Friday was pizza night which means the only activity I did that day was eating pizza. Even though I didnt run until Thursday this week (and then again today *woop woop*) I am finding it SO much easier to stay motivated this way; by giving myself more options I am much less focused on sticking to a strict schedule (and feeling sad when I inevitably fail) and am instead giving myself the flexibility to be active in other ways, which means I get to give myself so many more pats on the back. As Queen would say… I am the champion.

He said that, right?

Some photos from our hike! Taken at the top of one of my favourite hikes up Cobble Hill Mountain. Photo credit to Nicole Sandhu and furry friend credit to Tesla the doodle


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